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Frequently asked questions
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  • How do I edit my site?
    You can edit your site by clicking the Edit Site tab located at the top.

  • How do I upload an image?
    Upload images to your site by clicking Edit over an image on your site. Then select the Browse button, find the image on your computer and select Open, then press Upload.

  • How do I get my own .com name
    You can register your own name by going to Setup Web Address under the Home tab.

  • How long does my trial last and do I need to give you a credit card to try the service?
    Your trial period lasts 10 days. You do not have to give us a credit card to use the trial.

    About Us

    Serenity Farms is a dream come true! Since I was a very young child, and periodically visited my uncle's working farm in Pennsylvania for a week during the summer, I aspired to one day buy land in the country and raise whatever animals I wanted.   

    Bob McCarthy


          Dr. Robert and Carol McCarthy

    Contact us
    Serenity Farms
    9660 Sievers Way
    Ash, NC 28420
    843-267-2464 or (843) 267-2467 (Phone)
    843-497-1129 (fax) (Email)
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